I hit the gas and took the turns, thinking about where would be a nice place to stab somebody if I really had to, someplace that would hurt like gangbusters but that wouldn’t kill. Only I’d never learned that far in school, where to stab somebody I mean, and figured just so I avoided the neck and didn’t go too hard things would be all right.


A starry night glistening across the water. A weekend opening in a spread of angel’s wings, calling the feral hearts to dance. The cold touch of beer brings the night alive, and everything goes black.

Follow our humble narrator on a reckless journey of teenage bacchanalia, decadence, and dope, from the banks of the bluffs to the place where blood is spilled, where the nights turn homeward to madness and death is always near. In the end, it’s just another weekend on the edge.

Life in the fast lane. Dance on fire. Don’t lose your head.

Woolie by Hamelin Bird

A few weeks earlier we’d drank too much Crown and sat up all night with a couple friends, talking about all the plans we’d made in the past three months to kill ourselves. She’d planned on doing it with a pair of lethal T-cuts to her wrists, while I’d planned on driving down to the bluffs and blowing my head in with a shotty filched from my girlfriend’s dad. Only then on the Big Day I’d heard “Tonight, Tonight” by The Smashing Pumpkins on the radio and got so excited about doing myself in that I got happy and backed out. So had Crystal, but I think her decision had something to do with getting her period.

WOOLIE will be released on Amazon and available via Kindle Unlimited on May 31, 2022.

“Bird’s prose sets the bar high for his contemporaries in this slice-of-life tale marbled with self-destruction and ambiguous hellfire magic.

Smart, deep, and honest. Highly recommended.”

—CHAD LUTZKE, author of Slow Burn on Riverside, on Wayward Suns


Hamelin Bird

Hamelin Bird


Hamelin Bird lives in Woodsboro. Okay, not the actual Woodsboro, but the town that was the inspiration for Woodsboro. He’s a pseudo-librarian who spends his days in the stacks and his nights chasing ghosts in his owl soul. As a survivor of addiction, stories like Woolie come naturally, and are sometimes beneficial in exorcising demons. He is the author of Double Vision, which Publishers Weekly called “a creepy, nightmarish debut” and was a 2021 Da Vinci Eye Award Finalist. His most recent novel, Wayward Suns, was released in 2022. He lives and works in North Carolina.

Instagram: @hamelinbird

Twitter: @HamelinBird

Website: www.hamelinbird.com

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