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The answer to that question brought together two artists with very different styles, spawned an all new comic book universe, and is currently halfway through a thrilling Kickstarter campaign. It’s a space opera of cosmic horror, a story of a world-ending beast and the king that would defy it, a little comic we’ve called Hunt for the Solavore.

Hunt for the Solavore began when artist Lane Lloyd (creator of the massive Kickstarter hit God-Puncher) put out the message that they were looking to collaborate on a comic. A huge fan of their previous work, I sent them a quick inquiry, fully expecting to hear that they’d already gotten offers from more established comic creators. When it turned out that wasn’t the case, Lane and I got to chatting about our shared love for cosmic horror, weird monsters, and high fantasy. Soon, we had an idea that took the idea of vampiric horror and put it on the cosmic scale: what if, instead of fearing the sun, a vampire actually… ate it?

That idea became the Solavore, an ancient and unkillable evil that feeds on suns as a vampire feeds on blood. Obviously, setting the story on our own Earth would limit its telling (there’s kind of only one sun around here, you know?), so we knew we had to expand its reach beyond our own solar system, even our own galaxy. To fill that need we created the galaxy of the Morrigen, a humanoid race of people ruled by the noble King Theosis and his wise husband Abbinoir. With a whole galaxy under their command, they had plenty of suns to defend. And our monster had plenty to consume.

Nearly two years after those first messages, Lane and I have put together a gripping account of the showdown between Theosis and the Solavore. In order to make it a reality, we’ve launched a Hunt for the Solavore Kickstarter campaign, and so far, it has been an absolutely wild ride. We’ve gotten backing from comic book titans such as Jeff Lemire and Liam Sharp. We’ve been featured on sites such as Comic Book Resources, Monkeys Fighting Robots, and The Beat. Hell, we even got a shout out from none other than Joe Hill! Thanks to our supporters incredible promotion and funds, we’re at 50% funded in a little under halfway through the campaign (at the time of this writing). 

And now, we need your help.

As an editor at Nightmare on Film Street, I’ve witnessed first-hand the love and generosity of the indie horror community. I’ve seen you come out in droves to support diverse voices in our favorite genre, go to bat for underappreciated movies and TV shows, and show up at festivals and conventions to spread the love for horror artists. Hunt for the Solavore needs that love now. We have come so far, but it’s a long way to go until 100% funded. To be honest, we need a bit of a goth miracle to make this comic happen. Be part of it, won’t you?

Oh, and don’t think there’s nothing in it for you! For a donation of just $5, you get a PDF of Hunt for the Solavore; a $10 donation will nab you a physical copy. For $20 you get both, and for $25 you get both, a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes goodies, and a PDF of Lane’s aforementioned hit God-Puncher. There are plenty more rewards than that if you’re feeling generous, you can check them all out right here

If you can’t donate right now, we more than understand. Times are tough and money is tight. As two freelancers, we get it! But if you can’t give us some money, we implore you to give us some promotion. A simple retweet of either my own or Lane’s many twitter posts can go a long way in helping our story get in front of the right people, and so would sharing this article! We want to bring you some weird, spooky, galactic horror comics; anything you can to do help is appreciated.

For those of you reading this who have already helped Hunt for the Solavore, I don’t know how to thank you, except to say that we will do our damndest to make this a book you cherish as much as we do. Thanks to the good folks at Horror Oasis for publishing this article, and thank you so much for reading. I hope to talk again soon.

Stay weird,


GRANT DeARMITT – Grant’s tales of the sinister and strange have been published at Haw Creek Horror, Crystal Lake Publishing, and Black Hole Entertainment.  A lifelong fan of weird fiction and fantasy epics, Grant hopes HUNT FOR THE SOLAVORE will present the human side of cosmic terror; an otherworldly story that hits home. Follow Grant on Twitter.
Visit the Kickstarter for more information on Hunt for the Solavore
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