Excited to announce my first collection of published shorts, Let Me Out I’ve Had Enough. Some of these stories have been published before, but most of them are new and published here for the first time.

Certain things unite them all.

In each of work, there is a clear sense of desperation, and when this desperation gets too much, a cry out for help, a plea for relief, a Let Me Out I’ve Had Enough.

Consider this a content warning, for in each story, suicide is portrayed in some fashion. Sometimes it’s in the first sentence, sometimes it’s at the end, sometimes it’s a primary theme, other times it’s only a minor element, but you’ll find someone wanting to take their own life in every tale.

In my profession as a licensed professional counsellor, I am exposed to suicide daily.

I estimate I hear of 20 suicide attempts a week, which adds up to over a thousand a year.

The idea of life being so terrifying, depressing, debilitating that it becomes unbearable is one of the greatest terrors. Lack of meaning, lack of hope. To want to die. 

Dark stuff, right?

I’ve always felt that talking about our worst fears and most hidden thoughts actually makes us feel lighter, more understood and therefore eases the weight we all carry. Not being afraid to go there is true in both fiction and counselling. Not being afraid to go there is true for both writers and therapists. 

This fiction tries to shine a light on dark subjects and present things we know are there but don’t often see.

I find that dark fiction unites us, understands us. Or at least, it understands me, when it’s at its best and not afraid to talk about anything, take me to any dark place. Fiction holds my hand while I have a look, and returns me back in a more understood place. 

There have been moments in my most despondent days of addiction where I felt, as the title suggests, Let me out I’ve had enough. Well, I’ve stayed in, and I’m so happy I did, for I’ve felt moments of joy that I never thought possible. I wish that upon everybody who has experienced such hopeless and helplessness, for I like to believe everyone has better days that await, but damn does it require superpowers of patience and perseverance.

Fiction by itself, either writing or reading, is certainly no substitute for real therapy, of which I am an advocate of. For free and confidential support for people in distress, or their loved ones, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255.

Check out Let Me Out I’ve Had Enough at the links below. Just $9.99 for paperback, $3.99 for Kindle

Amazon (Paperback and Kindle/KindleUnlimited)

Barnes & Noble


Also… the first five readers who email with “Let Me Out” in the subject line will receive a FREE kindle copy of the collection gifted to them straight from amazon. US only please (sorry) and must have an amazon account. Thank you!

Mark Matthews

Mark Matthews


Mark Matthews is a graduate of the University of Michigan and a licensed professional counsellor who has worked in behavioural health for over 20 years. He is the author of novels such as On the Lips of Children, All Smoke Rises, and Milk-Blood, as well as the editor of Lullabies for Suffering and Garden of Fiends. In June of 2021, he was nominated for a Shirley Jackson Award. Reach him at WickedRunPress@gmail

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