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This is a playlist made by the author of two books released by legendary splatterpunk publisher Necro Publications, an author who has spent a whole lot more time at dirty rock shows than horror conventions. This is not a writing playlist; it’s just what I listened to when writing my latest horror-satire novel OUTRAGE: LEVEL 10. So, it could be a writing playlist… if you want to end up with aggressive, violent social commentary spattered with about as much humor as violence.

OUTRAGE: LEVEL 10 is the story of a brain-damaged ex-NHL goon and his attempt to navigate a post-Revolution America in which the justice system has been replaced by outraged social media mobs. Alex Malone is a lowly, dejected cop who has, until this point, abstained from society, participating only enough to avoid suspicion. Everybody needs to believe in something; Malone believes he’ll have another beer. Or, he would, if an addict was permitted. He doesn’t care about you. Fuck you. The band FEAR is as overrepresented on this list as it is in this paragraph because their music was in heavy rotation when I rewrote OUTRAGE at my publisher’s request in January 2020, turning Alex Malone into a more brutal antihero than in earlier drafts. I guess listening to a lot of FEAR will do that.

Let’s Have a War: The People said let’s not, and proceeded to take down all who disagreed.

Politicians In My Eyes: Politicians in many people’s eyes, as it turns out. Off with their heads!

Hardcore Superstar
Off with Their Heads: See above.
Fantastic Negrito
Bad Guy Necessity: This neo-bluesman’s moniker is not braggadocio; it’s an understatement. His talent and inventiveness are hurtful to those aspiring musicians who can do little more than mashup “Love Shack” and “The Macarena.” His music is banned in the world of OUTRAGE. And, “everybody needs a bad guy, somebody they can point the finger at and blame.” Is that not the undercurrent of mob justice?
Sex Pistols 
Bodies: Low-grade aggression gives way to a shouting, profanity-laden bridge, much like Malone’s bouts of rage.
1998: See “Bodies” above.
Warren Zevon
Hit Somebody (The Hockey Song): To my knowledge, this is the only song chronicling the life and times of a goon.
Children of Bodom
Needed 24/7: If he wasn’t brain damaged, Malone may be able to articulate his lot in life. Children of Bodom does it for him.
Public Hangings: In OUTRAGE, the spectacle of public punishment makes a comeback.
David Bowie
Rock n’ Roll Suicide: There isn’t a song called “NHL/Law Enforcement Suicide,” but those crafts can take everything away as well.
Royal Republic
Tommy Gun: “If you’re gonna kill me, use a Tommy gun, baby.” Anything! Just don’t send me to the Maze! That’s where the worst offenders go, and from where few return.
“Demons Sticking Pitchforks in My Brain”: Malone quotes this song to describe a particularly painful headache, a major reason why he receives an experimental injection that propels the plot of the book.
The Ramones
My Brain is Hanging Upside Down: When the People think this way about their leaders, it’s only a matter of time…
Revolution Calling: And the rest of the reasons for the uprising… Also written in the 1980s. Revolution is slow.
The White Buffalo
Modern Times: The theme song of an anachronism like Malone.
Faith No More
Motherfucker: We’re all fat and drugged with the trappings of societal wealth and oblivious that the motherfucker is screwing us. Get him on the phone.
Sturgill Simpson
Call to Arms: Sturgill suffers the same fate in the future as Fantastic Negrito.
I Don’t Care About You: The opposite of the radical empathy that forms the People’s new justice system, which offers no sympathy to those who break the rules. Actually, it sounds kind of similar…
Sturgill Simpson
Remember to Breathe: “Having one-way conversations with the darkness in my mind. He does all the talking cause I’m the quiet kind.” An apt descriptor for Alex Malone — and both his CTE and his demons.
The West Is Dead: The world before the Revolution.
Blank Slate: The world after the Revolution.
I Believe I’ll Have Another Beer: Alex Malone’s philosophy at the beginning of OUTRAGE. Will he evolve through the story?
Goodbye America: Self-explanatory for a book about the aftermath of a revolution.
Murder City Devils 
Press Gang: Stay in line. You don’t want your body twisting in the breeze.
Revolting Cocks
Viagra Culture: There’s just something about this Jello Biafra industrial song that feels like the tone of OUTRAGE: LEVEL 10.
Charisma: The internal monologue of a sociopathic demagogue as he rises to power. Yes, even when the People are “in charge,” the elite few still wield all the real power.
Lucy Leitner

Lucy Leitner


Lucy Leitner is the author of the horror-comedy novels Working Stiffs (2012) and OUTRAGE: LEVEL 10 (2021). From Arlington, Virginia (where jokes say people are dying to go), she lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (where movies say the dead live). She’s been making up scary stories since age 10, when she frightened her little sister out of sharing a room. After earning a master’s in journalism in 2010, she won an award for a piece in Justice Magazine and promptly retired from journalism. Now she’s the writer, spokesperson, and sometime hand model for a global vitamin company that tends to post more zombie content on social media than its competitors…When not scaring customers into taking their vitamins, she’s working on her next horror novel.

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