Imagine a time where all power seems to be in the palms of your peers. Judgements lay left and right, while the outrage of the people is voiced. Will you fall victim or come out on top, it’s your decision? Outrage: Level 10 is brimming with witty satire, but there are some truly horrifying moments. We follow Alex Malone, once known for his tenacity on the ice as the NHLs most noteworthy brawler, the fights, drugs, and pain, have all lead to Alex’s demise. He is haunted by visions, or maybe memories, but one thing is for certain; they are not his own. He dives headfirst to uncover the secrets to the mysteries that have ensnared his mind.

Readers will probably find it easy to get lost in the world that Leitner has created, the worldbuilding and the writing are engrossing. I found myself completely captivated by the entire plot. Turning page after page, having to know just what was next. It’s believable really, anyone across the globe can look out of their window and witness a myriad of reasons to become outraged, but the people of Leitner’s work have been given a voice. We are provided entrance into a world where the people seemingly blindly cast out their fellow people for what they believe is for the good of the world. The general way in which they remove those whom they’ve become outraged is by banishing them to the Maze, few make it back. The Maze seems like a test that most people would fall victim to, it’s dark, the people who have sent you here are able to dig up your past and they know your history. Any vices or regrets that you may have can be turned against you. Your deepest secrets are no longer safe, it all comes out for you to deal with, just you and the Maze.

Another thing about Outrage: Level 10 that I enjoyed is the design of the Super-

Another thing about Outrage: Level 10 that I enjoyed is the design of the Super-Seniors, think about it… a world where all life-threatening diseases seem to have been eradicated, simply replacing affected parts with synthetic ones. Lose a limb, hell we’ll pop a new one on and you’re good to go. Cancer? No worries, we can remove the affected organs and replace them too. Nothing is impossible in this time, and life after 100 may just get better. As long as you’re in a loving home and you get the care you need, why not live until your engine goes out. With the scientific advances of this world, death isn’t a prevalent as one might believe.

Throughout the entirety of Outrage, the people of this time believe that they’re providing a service to their fellow “man”, but in reality, not all of us are adept enough to determine whether someone is truly guilty. Selfishness can surely get in the way, opening up the proverbial window for nefarious activity, but collectively in this era of The Republic of the People, all is not as it seems. No matter how well you think things may be, remember that evil is always lurking.

Overall, what I enjoyed most about this book, is the clearly evident amount of work that went into crafting this piece of work. I read an article that the author wrote, which stated that Outrage: Level 10 is the product of 8 years of hard work. Imagine, putting in that much time to make sure your tiny idea came to fruition. I haven’t read any of Leitner’s other work, but I can surely say that I will be looking forward to other offerings that she has now, and in the future.

Blake Blanco

Blake Blanco


For as long as I can remember reading has been a major part of my life, always providing an escape from my demons. A few years ago, I discovered a love of Horror Fiction that has been threaded deeply to my soul. Although I mainly focus on horror, my interests are not limited. I also enjoy dark fiction, science fiction, fantasy and thriller.

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