An article by R. D. Weber

I grew up in a small town in Indiana, a town most wouldn’t even know existed. I grew up in a broken home, my biological father was in and out of jail, mostly for drugs. He would come home drunk and would beat my mom, when we tried to stop him he beat us too. Not that he needed a reason to do that, but it was mostly my oldest brother taking the beatings. Most of what went on I had no knowledge of until I was an adult. Because of my childhood and the things I endured, I read a lot. And would often get into trouble in school for reading in class. Due to the ever present police, and the way they helped me out as a kid, I decided I wanted to be a police officer.

That dream followed me into adulthood when I joined the army as a military police officer. I loved the military lifestyle and for a long time considered going active duty. When my law enforcement career didn’t pan out, I had to place that desire of helping people in a new direction, and rediscovered my love of words and wanted to make my own books.

So, why horror? The horror genre and I go back a long way, back to my early days. The first time I experienced a horror movie I was young, around 8 years old. The first horror film I watched was Stephen King’s IT, and I fell in love with horror and all that it encompasses. From slashers to suspense thrillers like Final Destination. I didn’t get into writing until about two years ago, I’ve always wanted to get into a field where I could help people in some way. In this one, it’s to provide an escape into another world, and of course even to scare them. After all, that’s what horror is for, to elicit some sort of response to raise the blood pressure. As most people starting off as a writer trying to find their genre, I have started stories with the intent to write in a certain genre, but it always spirals into a horror story. Anyone who knows me well knows my passion and love for all things scary, spooky, or horror related. Most things that someone would find uncomfortable, doesn’t bother me. For instance, cemeteries. I find them very peaceful places, I find them calming and I’m sure that most people would find that odd in and of itself. But I use all these things in stories, my fascination with medieval weapons and the period. My attraction to the supernatural, which also stems from my childhood when I chanced upon the X-Files one night when I couldn’t sleep and was watching TV on the couch.

Everyone has these things that just draw them in. Mine just happen to be the things that are hard to explain by rational means. The why’s of the criminally insane, and serial killers. What makes them into what they become. The X-Files said it well, “One must wonder how these monsters were created, did their home life mold them into beings that must maim and kill, or are they demons from birth.” This is a quote I think about on occasion, and sometimes when I’m writing a scene in my WIP, Butch, from the perspective of my killer. Why does he do what he does? How did he get here? Was it intentional? In his case, it was a culmination of a lot of things and situations that turned him towards his inner demons. With nothing to lose, he embraces those demons instead of caring them aside. I’ve gone astray here. My apologies. Anyways, to make a long story short, I’ve always been drawn to the horror genre. From a young age, and maybe it was at first a way to bond with my ever-absent mother. But has since grown wings of its own inside of me and broken free through my stories. My passion for horror is something I try to share with my son who seems to like it too. He’s asked me a few times to read him my story. I told him when he’s older he can read it. But he is too young now, he’s only turning five. I hope you’ve enjoyed my soapbox story. Thanks for reading.


R.D. Weber is a new horror and psychological thriller author. He was born in Florida, and then moved to Indiana at the age of two. He grew up with many siblings and later joined the military where he spent 8 years as a military police officer. Follow Richard on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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