Sexy and determined, Chicago Detective Jennifer Mueller is the perfect bait to catch a satanic killer.

But when the covert sting goes wrong, her life is changed forever as she goes back undercover. She’s unaware of the factions that are out for revenge. They’ve lured her to a small town where no one is what they seem. She quickly falls…. Into the Devil’s Reach.

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Into the Devil’s Reach,” based on Louis Weinberger’s acclaimed novel, is an intense, action-packed thriller that mixes the courage of duty-bound cops, the maniacal deeds of serial killers, and a small town with dark secrets. With shocking twists and a heart-pounding climax, one policewoman’s resolve leads her into the dangerous world of satanic cults.

Will good win out over evil?


Directed by Bennie Woodell, written by Weinberger, and starring Kayla Swift and Vincent Cusimano, it will appeal to suspense, horror, and action fans. 

Available as of December 2021 from Jiang Hu Productions and it runs for 107 min and can be watched in HD or SD Amazon Prime to rent or own, as well as Vudu, Apple+, IMDbtv, Google Play.

About the Writer 

Louis Weinberger is an author and screenwriter that hopes to create stories that will have a lifelong impact on the reader as much as The Exorcist had on him. Currently, he is proud to publish his novel Into the Devil’s Reach while he allows his other many screen scripts to simmer, though they’ve done quite well in contests over the years and garnered some attention.  Combining two of his best scripts, he wrote the novel Into the Devil’s Reach and took it a step further by turning it into a screenplay and a graphic novel. His dream was to see it made into a motion picture. Learn more HERE at his website.

About the Director 

Bennie Woodell spent his childhood watching 80’s action films like “Rambo,” “Predator,” “Commando,” “Young Guns,” and “Terminator.” His love for action cinema led him to Hong Kong cinema when his mom took him to see Rumble in the Bronx at the show. He now has over 1000 Hong Kong films in his collection and enjoys nothing more than to spend his evenings watching them. 

Originally intent on becoming an actor, Bennie Woodell studied theater in High School. He first notion the idea of becoming a director when he watched John Woo’s “The Killer” and Wong Kar Wai’s “Chungking Express.” He graduated from Columbia College Chicago in 2006 with a BA Film/ Video Directing. His films are influenced by the works of Directors Wong Kar Wai, John Woo, Johnnie To, Chang Cheh, Robert Rodriguez, Andrew Lau, and Jackie Chan. 

Bennie Woodell has directed nine Feature Films. His film “The Sad Café” won Best Dramatic Feature at the Action on Film Festival in 2011. He recently won Best Dramatic film for “Love Meet Hope” featuring Edward Asner (Pixar’s “Up,” “Elf,” Mary Tyler Moore Show). “Je T’aime, Au Revoir” premiered at the Action on Film Festival where it won Best Dialogue, which features William McNamara (“Copycat,” “Chasers”). “The Sad Cafe,” “Fast Zombies With Guns,” and ‘The Long December” are available on DVD and streaming. Bennie Woodell was raised in Antioch, IL.

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