GRIM REEFER: A Marijuana-fueled Horror/Comedy Comic Launches on Kickstarter!

What happens when a violent career criminal is gunned down and a crop of marijuana is grown on the spot where he died? You get weed that’s infused with his revenge-crazed spirit that possesses anyone who smokes it so he can use their body to get revenge on the people he thinks have wronged him!

GRIM REEFER is a four-issue, mature-readers, horror/comedy series launching on Kickstarter in the same vein as classic 80’s slasher films and with a dash of the “Just Say No!” panic that was prevalent at the time as well (despite being set in modern-day North Dakota). The Kickstarter is looking to fund the production of the first issue and hopefully build an audience for (or fund via stretch goals) the remaining three issues.

The series focuses on Marty, a down on his luck Native American 20-something, who is coerced by his scumbag second cousin Grant (who is overly proud of his 1/8th Lakota heritage) to be his wheelman for a “simple robbery.” When things get violently out of hand and people start dying, Marty makes his escape. Left on his own, Grant has a bloody stand-off with the cops in an abandoned barn that ends with him being killed in a hail of gunfire. In the aftermath, an opportunistic associate of a drug dealer realizes this could be a good place to expand his weed growing operation. What he doesn’t realize is that Grant’s spirit is tied to the ground he died on and the marijuana grown there is infused with his spirit. When anyone smokes this “haunted hashish” they become possessed by Grant, who uses their body to try to exact murderous revenge on Marty and the cops that killed him, including the local Sherriff Stan Munroe and his chief deputy (and a constant thorn in Marty’s side), Larissa Montez.

“This is an idea that’s been knocking around in my head for years,”

says writer and letterer Thacher Cleveland. “While marijuana legalization is becoming more common, there are still plenty of places and situations where using or possessing it can be considered a crime. What we’re doing with this series is amping up the ridiculousness a bit by making a generally harmless drug into the kind of thing that incites violence and mayhem that it’s been portrayed as in pulp novels and cult movies like ‘Reefer Madness.'” Art on the series is by Claudio Munoz, with color art by Kote Carvajal.

The Team

Thacher E. Cleveland grew up in New Jersey and upstate New York and has lived in Ohio, Chicago, and currently resides in Tennessee with his girlfriend, several cats, a timid rescue greyhound, and a rambunctious whippet puppy. He writes a lot of things like novels (SHADOW OF THE PAST), short stories (The Winston and Churchill urban fantasy series), and comics (MYTHPOCALYPSE, MONSTROLOGY, BOOK OF DRAGONS). He is also an actor who has appeared in several plays as well as a comic book letterer and graphic designer. He is very tired. You can find him online at www.demonweasel.com, or on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr (@demonweasel), if you’re into that kind of thing.

Claudio Munoz is a Chilean artist comic with more than 12 years of experience in the industry. In Chile, he has published many titles like Papelucho, Dr. Mortis, Zombies in the Government Palace, etc.  He has also worked with different editorials press like  Norma Chile, Grupo Santillana, Copesa, ArcanoIV, Mytica, Tabula Rasa, Ariete, etc. In the USA he has published different projects for small presses and anthologies like Alterna Comics, Dance Panda Comics, Ginger Rabbits Studio, Monster Creations, etc.
Kóte Carvajal has been a professional comic book colorist since 2008. His projects include work for IDW Publishing, Alterna Comics, Beyond Reality Media, The 4th Monkey Anthology, and Fantasmagoría. Besides his gifted eye for coloring, Kóte has written/published six graphic novels in Chile (Corazón Nerd, El Cardenal, Príncipe Yu among others). In addition to Salty Roos, Kóte is currently writing and coloring an all-ages sport graphic novel with more than 100 pages. He lives with his lovely wife, three bunnies, and a bird in Santiago, Chile.
You can reach Thacher at this email address (thacher.e.cleveland@gmail.com) or through social media for more information, interviews, podcast appearances, and the like.

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