Tenebrous Press launches its flagship anthology of Horror fiction and comics in the form of Green Inferno: The World Celebrates Your Demise, Volume One!

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2020 bathed us in a litany of real world Horror. Corruption, injustice, rage and contagion have carved any remaining shreds of our lingering naivete into sharp, cruel focus.Lurking just out of focus, however–on the periphery of our collective vision–is a stark realization: our planet’s tolerance for humankind has reached a burning point. Earth is at the end of its rope. 

The World Celebrates Your Demise.

The worlds of literary horror and underground comix collide in a terrifying miasma that we call Terrestrial Horror: tales of terror bound only by the constraints of our planet.

Green Inferno features 200 pages of the finest Horror fiction and comics. Eighteen unique voices from around the world share their dark visions, including Diane Barker • Kristofor Harris • Toshiya Kamei • Umiyuri Katsuyama • Lorna D. Keach • Spencer Koelle • Jordan Kroeger • Michelle Lodge • Ian McGinty • Eric Neher • Lena Ng • Harry Nordlinger • Marc Sorondo • Harrison Webb • Alex Woodroe • …and more. 

From cruel comedy to nihilistic dread; from ghastly dinner parties, to aquatic horrors, to rural bloodbaths, and all macabre stops in between;Green Inferno lives up to its central conceit: The World Celebrates Your Demise.

Edited by Matt Blairstone.

GREEN INFERNO: The World Celebrates Your Demise


Matt Blairstone is a Horror writer and indie comics creator, and is solely to blame for the absurdist Pulp comics series Mad Doctors; its latest volume, Mondo Cosmico: Regret Nothing, is out now. He is the editor of Green Inferno, a Horror anthology of short fiction and comics, and lives in Portland, Oregon with wife (and fellow artist) Kate Blairstone, and their four-year-old terror who walks like a boy. Follow Matt on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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